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    Shenzhen DoDoSun Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises specializing in development, manufacturing and marketing, after service of car camera, car monitor, car DVD player, car DVR etc.
       DoDoSun Technology Co., Ltd. Also can configure the monitored control system for safe driving for customers such as In car entertainment system 、Car rearview system 、360°Panorama monitoring system etc.
       DoDoSun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, the factory facility is over 2000 square meters. We have 6 production assembly lines, 2 the SMT lines. Currently employs over 120 people and there are 8 R&D people, 6 PE engineers, also the sales-team about 6 people.......

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  1. [2015-02-09]Bussiness manager
  2. [2015-02-02]Customer Service
  3. [2015-01-10]Accountant Specialist
  4. [2015-01-05]Sales Assistant
  5. [2014-10-08]Graphic Designer


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